Days of lists

I admit it – I am a total sucker for lists.  There is something so telling about what other people choose to add.   Stephen has a great list started on his blog and it inspired me.

Here goes!  Doubtful I can keep this up all month, but it’s worth a shot.

3/1 Things About Me:

In love


University educated in Business/Finance/Economics

Peace loving, respect driven

knitter/spinner/dyer/fiber adorer

Migraine prone




A positive, glass half full kind of girl


3/2  I am good at:

Being a mama


Knitting/Spinning/Fibery goodness

Cheering people up





Remembering things


Working quickly

So I ended up with 11, and now I can’t decide which one to delete, so I’m just going to leave them all.  It’s such a weird thing to try to find words that describe who/what you really are.   Today is already the 3rd, so now I have to do one more list before the end of the day.  Wish me luck!


Time. It goes.

When I was a kid, people would always say that time flies by, and I would roll my eyes and think, whatever.  They don’t understand.  They can drive a car, eat/wear/sleep what and when they want.  I had no idea then just how right they were.

Yesterday I had a baby, and now he’s 10.  And 5.  And my baby baby is 2.   I think the funny thing is that I feel the same.  I am not old enough, yet, that my life has had to change dramatically from what it was 10 or even 20 years ago.  I can still run, hop, skip, bike, eat what I want, and feel good at the end of the day.  Yet, the twinge of arthritis in my thumbs reminds me I can’t spin and knit quite as long as I once could at a time.

My time is becoming more precious.  If there are 24 hours in a day, and 8 of them are for sleeping, that leaves me 16.  Take an hour or so for eating, 3 hours for work, a good 5 hours for kids and that leaves me 7.  Add in getting dressed, chaffering, grocery shopping, and all the other things it takes to be a mom of three and keep a house running, and you see I have very little time for me.  There are so many things I enjoy doing  – reading, knitting, spinning, dyeing, carding, photography,  that there is just never enough time to do it all.  Sometimes I will sit to knit and as I’m knitting I’ll think, “No, I really ought to be spinning – better use of my time.”  So I sit down at my wheel, and then think, no I really DO want to be knitting.   I need more hours in the day to get everything done.

My New Years goal was to live a more conscious life.  Enjoy the moment I’m living in, do the things I love, take the time to laugh with the kids.  I have such a tendency to be doing something, but be on a different planet at the same time.  One of the kidlets will tell me a story and I’ll listen with half an ear, adding appropriately excited sounds when necessary, but really?  I’m not listening.

It’s not fair to them.  And honestly, I’m missing out on so much.  I should be listening to them and enjoy it.  They tell some awesome stories.

Good grief, I haven’t even started and I’m already a failure at this whole blogging business.  I work online, but I also have a set amount of time to get that work completed, so blogging while working just doesn’t, well, work.  I think I need to get a job outside of the house to get any sort of blogging done in a timely fashion.  I think the only time I ever was consistent was when I was working full time in a big office building.  It was easy to sneak into my office and blog without a munchkin coming up and pulling on my arm to read them a book.  Or make them breakfast.  Or get them dressed.  Or…….the list is endless.

But I did sneak away from said munchkins this weekend to head to Madrona.  It was the first time I have ever stayed in a hotel room all by myself.  It was…..bizzare.  Awesomely bizarre.  I had room service, may or may not have jumped on the bed, ate chocolate, and spun away to my hearts content.  I only wished there were more hours in that night.  But the bed was cozy as well, and by midnight it was calling my name.  My only regret is that I wouldn’t have been quite so shy and headed out to talk with people.   It’s so hard to sit down with other people and join in the group, but I hear it was super easy to do there and everyone was very friendly.  Ah well, next year.

I only took two classes, one with Jacey Boggs and one with Amelia Garripoli, but I learned so much from each of them.  I took a class with Jacey last year, and just adore her.  She’s such a hip, sweet, funny person, spinner and mama.  I only hope when I grow up to be as cool as her.  Amelia’s class was much more technical, and I learned a ton.  I headed for the marketplace quite a few times, but each time would come out empty handed with drool hanging from my lip.  I had gotten cash out ahead of time so I would be forced to stick to my budget and just couldn’t decide what the heck to spend it on.  The options, people, were insane.  I ended up back at my favorite booth, BMFA, and spent my entire budget there.  I tried so hard to expand my horizons, but when you know what you love, well……

I am paying for my weekend away now, however, as the kids won’t leave my side for fear I’ll abandon them again.  I loved it when, last night, Dane woke up and screamed for “DAD” instead of “MOM.”  I felt it to be a small victory in slowly letting him take some more parenting duties in regard to the babe of the family.  When you’re an AP mama who breastfeeds till 2+ it makes it hard for the dad to have a whole lot of involvement in the caring for said kid.  Especially when they work 15+ hours a day.  The kids are slowly realizing that I DO indeed come home from my knitting retreats, so it MAY be ok to let me go without a fuss.  We’re getting there.

And I leave you with a few pictures of what I learned this weekend.B to the ucle

Many years I ago I had a blog, and I enjoyed writing on it enormously.  And then on top of one delightful boy I had a baby.  And then another baby.  And, well, babies aren’t big fans of clacking keyboards so I stopped.

Seeing how those babies are not quite so wee anymore, and spend most of their days running around the house throwing things I figured I’d give it another shot.  I tried for days to log into my last blog, and after many frustrating hours of screaming at the computer “YES!  I DID TRY THAT!!” to no avail I decided to move on.  WordPress, here I come.  Blogger, there I go.

This blog will be about my life which really, quite honestly, mainly entails two things.  Kids and fiber.  They both bring me quite a lot of enjoyment, although I’m not sure either is particularly exciting.  The kids though, I can tell you they make me laugh more than the knitting.  And the knitting, it keeps me sane.